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How long does it take to graduate from the School of Ministry?

12 months. There is an annual intake each January with graduation at the beginning of the following year. 

Will I receive a degree when I graduate?

Yes. The NRP School of Ministry has exempt degree-granting status in the State of Indiana. We will award an Associate Degree of Church Leadership  to all students who complete the 12-month program in good standing. This includes passing grades in each course, attendance requirements met, and all financial obligations fulfilled.

Where will this degree be recognized?

Throughout the NRP network and in a ministerial setting. Some workplaces will also acknowledge the degree.

Is the NRP School of Ministry accredited?

We have chosen to not pursue accreditation, due to the number of required courses in a Gen Ed context that a student would need to graduate. We do not offer English, science, math, history, psychology, or a foreign language. We are focused on training and equipping students for full-time ministry.

What if I have to drop out midway through the year? Will I retain my credits?

Yes! Our Registrar will record your fully completed months of study (with all assignments submitted and tuition paid) and keep them as part of your transcript.

If I can’t attend this year, when will a new class start, and when can I apply?

New classes will begin in January of each year. Applications will be accepted starting April 1 of the previous year.


What is the schedule for the Live Teaching Weekends?

A Sample Schedule can be found here.

What if a student can’t attend one of the Live Teaching Weekends?

Because the dates are published well in advance, we require students to attend both weekends.

What is the student responsible for on these weekends?

Transportation:Students should plan to arrive at the campus at 4:00pm on the Thursday afternoon of the LTW.


If you must take a flight, plan to arrive no later than 2:00pm on Thursday afternoon and fly out after 4:00pm on Sunday. The school office will help you coordinate your flights with others who are arriving. There will ONLY be a shuttle from Midway Airport (MDW) in Chicago. Once you are accepted into the school, you will receive an information sheet on your chosen means of transportation.


- A local hotel with negotiated rates (Students may choose to room together to lower the cost.)


- A family from Living Stones Church (if available)


A continental breakfast will be served each morning of class. Lunch and dinner will be provided from Thursday evening through Sunday lunch.


What is an academic “cohort”?

A “cohort” can have several meanings, but as an education reference, it is a group of students who work through a curriculum together to achieve the same academic degree. In the context of the School of Ministry, these groups will be set up regionally and led by a mentor who is a seasoned pastor in the NRP Network.

How often will the cohort meetings occur and when?

Students in their assigned cohorts will meet two times during the school year for in-person classes. These meetings will take place on Saturdays, the first weekend of April and first weekend of November. Attendance is required.

Where will these take place?

At your assigned mentor’s local church or at your campus location

What is the schedule like for these meetings?

Classes will begin at 9:00am and end no later than 5:00pm. Lunch will be served. You will receive a more detailed schedule once accepted into the school.

Who will be teaching at the regional cohort meetings?

Your mentor or a guest faculty member


What does an “internship” consist of?

This will be decided on between you and your pastor, but at least 10 hours of serving in your local church monthly. You are likely already filling this requirement, but your hours and activities will be documented and turned into the school office.


What are the outreach requirements for the school?

During the summer, 10 hours of local church community outreach and a class on Introduction to Mission or participation in an overseas mission trip in June is required.


What does tuition cost?

The cost of tuition is $3,600 for the entire school year.

Is there a deposit required to hold my place in class?

Yes. On December 1, rior to the year that you will begin classes, we ask that you pay a deposit of $100 to hold your place in class. The deposit will be applied to expenses in the Live Teaching Weekends and regionals held through the school year.

When will tuition be due?

Tuition will be due by the fifth of each month.

How will payments be made?

You can make one payment for the school in its entirety, or you can set up an online, automatic withdrawal, monthly payment plan of $300/month for 12 months.

How do I set up my tuition payments?

Once you are accepted in the school, you will be contacted concerning the next steps.

Are there any additional costs?

FEES: There is application fee of $25; a deposit of $100; and a graduation fee of $100.


TEXTBOOKS: Students will be required to purchase the assigned monthly textbook in whatever format he/she desires.


LTW AND REGIONAL COHORT TRAVEL: Students will be responsible for their own travel and lodging.

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